Composite Pipe (PEX-AL-PEX)


Basic Info

  • Material:PEX-Al-PEX

  • Taille: 1216 1418 1620 2025 2026 2632

  • Certificates: CE SGS ISO

  • Trademark:Sunplast

  • Specification:ISO9001

  • Origine: Ningbo, Chine

  • Code SH: 3917

Description du produit

PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe


1) Composite pipe is a five-layer composite pipe, taking the overlap-welded aluminum alloy layer as the core layer which is tightly bonded with an intermediate adhesive to the inner and outer layers of Hi-Density or Cross-Linking polyethylene. All the five layers are extruded in one step by ultrasonic.

2) Combines all the advantages of metal pipe and plastic pipe but eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. The aluminum core is absolutely diffusion tight; It reliably prevents oxygen or gases from permeating into pipe.

3) propriété anti-corrosion: à la température normale, il peut résister à toutes sortes de solutions acides, alcalines et salines

4) Low thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity is 0.45w/M. K, about 1/100 of that of steel pipe, it owns good performance of heat preservation.

5) Low heat expansion: Coefficient of thermal expansion is 2.5× 10-5m/M. K, only 1/8 of that of PE pipe, to a great extent, it is the same as that of aluminum material

6) Better flow: The inner roughness of our pipe is 0.007mm. Smooth inner wall, no scale deposit, the flow is more than 30% of that of the same metal pipe

7) Coudé à la main sans outils, rendant inutile l’utilisation de nombreux raccords. Notre tuyau peut être directement installé jusqu'à 200 mètres sans aucun raccord. Il fonctionne bien dans une large plage de températures allant de -40 à 95 degrés centigrades.