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Pex Pipe with Oxygen Barrier for Floor Heating/Hot Water (pex b pipe)


Détail du produit

Informations de base

  • Material:Pex-B

  • Hardness:Hoses

  • Type: Tuyau Thermoplastique

  • Couleur: rouge, orange, bleu, noir, blanc

  • Hollow:Hollow

  • Shape:Round

  • Utilisation: chauffage par le sol

  • Marque déposée: Sunplast

  • Specification:ASTM

  • Origine: Zhejiang, Chine (continentale)

  • HS Code:391739000

Product Description

Using composite materials:
Inner layer material is silicane crosslinked polyethylene which color is white, and has past through the drinking water standards, and green environment, has the capacity of heat-resistance for a long time and aging resistance with innocuity as well as corrosion resistance;
Outer layer mix with polyethylene, carbon black and oxidation inhibitor, has the excellent capacity of ultraviolet radiation resistance, compared with current common metal pipes, it is more heat-preservation and energy-saving. Therefore, it will be a new type of pipe with benefit to environmental protection.
Couche anti-UV: La teneur en noir de carbone ne doit pas être inférieure à 2,5%, conformément aux prescriptions nationales.
Advantage: long service life, outdoor is 20 years, indoor is 50 years
1. Anti-ultraviolet
2. Green environment
3. Flexible,durable
4. Corrosion resistance
5. Excellente résistance mécanique
6. Unique chemical resistance
7. Very low friction coefficient
8. Excellent abrasion resistance
9. Très bonne résistance à la chaleur
10. Excellente longévité
11. Aucune formation de fissure longitudinale ou autre fissure de contrainte
12. Low creep
13. No stone sediments due to pipe smoothness
-Cool & Hot Water Pipe System
-Housing Gas Pipe System
-Système de chauffage par le sol
-Solar Energy & Air-conditioning Matching Pipe System
-Santé médicale, système de tuyaux pour l'industrie chimique des produits alimentaires
Characters :
-Wide range working temperature(-10C~95C), Hi-pressure resistance
-30% de plus que le tuyau en métal
-50 ans de vie professionnelle
-Non-corrosive, scale-free
-Hygiene, no oxygen permeability, no growth of Microorganism
-Non-inflammable, non-static
-Easy bending but never spring back
-Light in weight, easy to carry and store
-A few pipe fittings applying make sure no leakage
-Economical price.