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Tuyau ondulé à double paroi en PEHD dans les applications de construction


Double wall corrugated pipe is a ring wall and smooth inner wall new pipe, early 80 's in Germany first developed. HDPE double wall corrugated pipe diameter and high strength, as a result of the u-shaped steel composite PE material so that pipes can at no additional cost under the premise of increased ring stiffness than strength in the same pipe, carat weight cases, rate, perfect to solve overload problems, large-diameter pipes more obvious advantages.

In the production process and the use of technology is very mature, because of its excellent performance and relatively inexpensive cost, in Europe and other developed countries have greatly promoted and applied.

In China, the promotion and application of HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is in a rising trend stages, the product identified by the national testing center of chemical building materials, various technical indicators have reached the standard.