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Stock Drague suceuse 1200m3 / H


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Informations de base

  • Type:Mineral Processing & Screening Equipment

  • Certificat: CCS, Zc, ISO9001

  • Conditon:New

  • Model:Ys-250

  • Total Length:25m

  • Main Engine:450kw

  • Discharge Dia.:250mm

  • Working Weight:100t

  • Profondeur de dragage: 10m

  • Distance de décharge: 1000m

  • Specification:CCS

  • Origin:Weifang, China

  • HS Code:89051000

Product Description

1. Montage simple, rapide et démontable
2. Spare parts and floating pipe available
3. Transportable by road, rail or sea
4. Système hydraulique fiable
5. Système de refroidissement du moteur à eau douce
6. Efficient fuel consumption
7. One-man operation, the most advanced PLC control
8. Designed as standard to qualify for costal water certificate.
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  SPECIFICAITON  OF  YS-CSD-250  (dredging  depth  10m)  Items  Specs Remarks Total  Length 25m   Hull  Length 18.0m   Hull  depth 1.6m   Hull  width 5.2m   Main  Power 450KW  Cummins Auxiliary  Engine 24KW    HYDRAULIC  SYSTEM WEICHAI  POEER Pump  model WN-250    SHIJIZHUANG Pump  Suction  Dia 300mm   Pump  Discharge  Dia 250mm   Dredging  Depth 10m   Water  flow 1200m^3/h   Discharge  Distanc 1000m   Working  weight 100T   Spuds 377mm    Two  sets 18m Winches 3  Sets   Operation  System The  most  advanced  Hydraulic  and  PLC  control  system   Spare  parts Tools  for  disel, oil  seal, welders  ect  70  items.     Delivery  Time   100days   

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